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Corporate Social Responsibility

Potter Raper Partnership is committed to their employees, the local community and sustaining the local environment. It is an essential part of our business and we actively encourage all of our staff to contribute to the positive effect we have on the communities and the area where we work.

In our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy we aim to illustrate the areas of business that we target in order to maximise our employee satisfaction, limit the effect we have on the environment and enhance the local environment by providing services and funding for the community. We believe that by taking a greater responsibility for the effect we have on the environment and ensuring that we work in a manner that takes the local community into consideration, we will actively reduce the impact we, our Clients and suppliers have on our surroundings.

Potter Raper Partnership have a number of policies and procedures, set out by the Senior Partner, which complement our CSR Policy. These include our Health and Safety Policy, Environmental Policy, Equal Opportunities Policy and the Green Travel Plan.

Our Partners drive the CSR activity based around four key areas of responsibility:-

Our Employees
We acknowledge that our biggest asset is our employees and investment in people is a fundamental part of our business philosophy. This commitment has enabled us to retain staff and attract new staff of the highest calibre. We are rightly proud of our staff retention rates, which is beneficial to maintaining continuity in the service provided. We also hold the Investors in People accreditation which we feel is an important reflection of the high esteem in which we hold our staff. The Investors in People accreditation has been the benchmark of excellence, and is the sign of a great employer and an outperforming place to work.

We are committed to undertake business fairly whilst maintaining traditional values of honesty, integrity and professionalism at all times. We believe that it is essential to have Partner level involvement to ensure that commissions are executed in a professional and businesslike manner.

We believe it is essential to be a responsible corporate Practice in the communities in which we operate. We have a number of ways we like to help the local community, which include lectures, fundraising, volunteering etc.

We believe that through innovation, lateral thinking and embracing new technologies, the construction industry will continue to become more efficient and less harmful to the environment. We believe that our industry should take greater responsibility for the impact we have on the environment and have reinforced this with our ISO 14001 accreditation.

The Corporate Social Activities that employees at Potter Raper Partnership have been involved with to name a few are:-

  • SHINE – Night walking marathon for Cancer Research
  • Mascot Race – Raising awareness for St Helena Hospice
  • The London Marathon
  • The Paris Marathon
  • Five-a-side football tournaments for local charities
  • Employee Donate a Day to help out in local charity shop
  • Fundraising for ‘Mend A Broken Heart Appeal’ for the British Heart Foundation, including sponsorship of local Council’s summer fair event to raise money
  • As our business continues to develop, we will review our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy on an on-going basis to ensure we are meeting the targets set and continue to find new ways to limit the impact we have on the environment, maintain employee satisfaction and help our local community whether that be with fundraising, volunteering our time or with supplying the services our business can provide.