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Practice Disciplines

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Site Inspectors

Our Site Inspectors are all experienced construction professionals. Their primary role is to ensure the success of the projects by undertaking the following:

•   Ensure the Contractor complies with design and contract requirements
•   Check drawings and drawing amendments
•   Check the site works for quality compliance
•   Check site testing and certificates
•   Provide a weekly report formatted as per requirements
•   Liaise with and report all findings to the Employer’s Agent, Project Manager, Contract Manager,
   Site Agent and other Consultants
•   Attend monthly site meetings
•   Carry out snagging and report when works are ready for handover
•   Confirm how outstanding defects which require further investigation are to be resolved
•   Inspect and confirm completion of any outstanding defects

Our Site Inspectors are an important part of our professional team. They bring multiple skills to project development to ensure that project requirements are met. Their understanding and knowledge of the construction process means they are able to provide effective guidance to contractors and consultants alike.

They have been selected on their ability to communicate effectively with the Client and stakeholders and to deal sensitively with each to achieve the optimum results.

They carry out a critical role in project delivery in a professional manner, meaning we have many satisfied Clients, with buildings which continue to provide trouble-free use over many years.

Contact Information

Shaun Child

Email: Shaun Child

Telephone: 020 8658 3538

Mark Ruddell

Email: Mark Ruddell

Telephone: 020 8658 3538