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King's Cross Bridge House

Following the successful redevelopment of the Lighthouse building in King’s Cross, the redevelopment of the neighbouring building known as King’s Cross Bridge House is now underway. Potter Raper Partnership have been acting as the Quantity Surveyors on this scheme for some time, but have recently been appointed as the Project Managers as well.

This is a challenging redevelopment of an existing site adjacent to the newly refurbished Lighthouse on an island site, founded on twin Circle Line and Thames Link tunnels and bounded by Pentonville Road and Gray’s Inn Road.

The project will comprise 2-storey office block on top of a single-storey restaurant, and will complete the urban block in King's Cross.

This scheme has a number of complexities due to the fact that the new build will be built directly above both the London Underground lines and Network Rail tracks, and the site is on a red route island site meaning that logistics are particularly challenging.

The new build has been designed as a lightweight structure that respects the height and rhythm of the listed Lighthouse building, and will sit on spring bearings which will help to isolate the structure from noise and vibration.

We are pleased to have been appointed on this complex scheme by UK Real Estate, and look forward to seeing this building develop into a fully-functional office and restaurant space.


Potter Raper Partnership is committed to their employees, the local community and sustaining the local environment. In our CSR policy we aim to illustrate the areas of business that we target in order to maximise our employee satisfaction, limit the effect we have on the environment and enhance the local environment by providing services and funding for the community. We believe that by taking a greater responsibility for the effect we have on the environment and ensuring that we work in a manner that takes the local community into consideration, we will actively reduce the impact we, our clients and suppliers have on our surroundings.


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