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Great Blakenham

A total of 23 new homes have been built on a former wasteland between Chequers Rise and Kingfisher Drive in Great Blakenham.

In 2015, Mid Suffolk District Council were granted permission to build 23 new homes on the site, 11 of which are shared ownership, with the remaining being rented. The shared ownership properties range from two-bedroom bungalows to two-bedroom houses.

Despite lengthy archaeological works on the site Phase Two completed on 26th May, two months earlier than the contract completion date.

Potter Raper Partnership were appointed as the Employer’s Agent and Quantity Surveyors on this scheme which forms part of the major housing drive in the area.

Anne Bennett, Babergh and Mid Suffolk Corporate Manager for Development (Housing and Regeneration) said, “We are delighted to be in a position to offer our first shared ownership homes in Mid Suffolk since 1992. This is an excellent way to help local people to get a step on the housing ladder without having to get a mortgage for the full value of the property. It also means that at some point in the future, when they feel in a better position financially, there is an opportunity to ‘staircase’ up to full ownership.”


Potter Raper Partnership is committed to their employees, the local community and sustaining the local environment. In our CSR policy we aim to illustrate the areas of business that we target in order to maximise our employee satisfaction, limit the effect we have on the environment and enhance the local environment by providing services and funding for the community. We believe that by taking a greater responsibility for the effect we have on the environment and ensuring that we work in a manner that takes the local community into consideration, we will actively reduce the impact we, our clients and suppliers have on our surroundings.


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