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Women Informal Networking Event - Brighton

Our ‘Women Informal Networking (WIN) Event’ held in Brighton on Tuesday 7th March was another huge success. It was great to catch up with some familiar faces and also to get to know some new ladies in the construction industry.

WIN was launched by Potter Raper Partnership in 2015 to provide a supportive forum and networking opportunities for women who work in the construction industry.

WIN afternoons are arranged and sponsored by our Partnership and are women-only events.

If you know any females who work in the construction industry and may be interested in attending future 'WIN' events, please send their details to lucie.dicker@potterraper.co.uk.


Potter Raper Partnership is committed to their employees, the local community and sustaining the local environment. In our CSR policy we aim to illustrate the areas of business that we target in order to maximise our employee satisfaction, limit the effect we have on the environment and enhance the local environment by providing services and funding for the community. We believe that by taking a greater responsibility for the effect we have on the environment and ensuring that we work in a manner that takes the local community into consideration, we will actively reduce the impact we, our clients and suppliers have on our surroundings.


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