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3D CAD and BIM Services

Back in 2011, in the Governments Construction Strategy paper, it was announced their intention to require collaborative 3D BIM, with all project and asset information, documentation and data being electronic – i.e. Building Information Modelling (BIM) - on all major government funded projects by 2016.

Potter Raper Partnership is an early adopter and we have utilised BIM tools since 2007.

We offer 2D to 5D services utilising:

- Autocad is our main 2D and Revit our primary 3D design tools (producing accurate and coordinated information)

- Navisworks and Buildsoft Takeoff is used for 4D (time) and 5D (cost) - analysing your project in time and cost.

PRP - BIM & CAD Services

•   2D drawings (e.g. floor plans, sections and elevations)
•   3D virtual models (intelligent model – BIM)
•   3D Visualisation and Virtual tours (walkthrough)
•   Rapid Energy Modelling (Laser Scanning and Point Cloud)
•   Revit content (simple to complex family creation)
•   3D BIM Coordination (as BIM Manager - Consultant)
•   3D Project Simulation (for planning and consultation)
•   BIM Quantity Take-off
•   Revit Training

Our BIM/CAD team is able to create, modify, analyse and optimize designs and forms of construction of new and existing buildings in the required Level of Detail and Development (LoD/LOD) that your project requires.

Utilising the benefits of BIM and following international and UK standards, we are able to provide you with an accurate 3D model which will contain structured and coordinated information, useful for the simulation of your project under real conditions.

Potter Raper Partnership takes advantage of the BIM technology and will work beside you throughout all the project phases, evaluating the design for cost, quality-of-life, future flexibility, efficiency and overall environmental impact and in addition how the occupants of your project will interact.

Contact Information

Alex Johnson

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Telephone: 020 8658 3538


Mark Ruddell

Email: Mark Ruddell

Telephone: 020 8658 3538